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New Design here

2007-07-17 18:45:57 by Xurch

The new layout is very impressive, I was getting quite bored with newgrounds but I think the new design is going to encourage me to get back into making flash.
I guess ill pick up where I left off with my purple warrior series a year or so ago or make some shorts.
Gotta make a banner too for this cool new profile page.


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2007-07-17 18:49:46

Noboday cares, fuck :).

Xurch responds:

Heh, fuck you your pacman series sucks balls :P
On the responses it says I can delete comments or ban you from leaving comments, pretty cool :D


2007-07-17 23:20:16

Just leaving a comment cause I felt like it. Don't delete it please? I like the new layout too. I'll be looking forward to checking out your new flash content when it comes out :)


2007-07-17 23:41:23

I wanted to see if the old stats from the reviews were still there i.e. violence, humour etc.

as opposed to the general rating which is all they currently have with the new review system.


2007-07-18 10:05:04

Only thing is, it makes a lot of the text in the old reviews irrelevant.


2007-07-18 13:33:11

remember, don't cross the bridge til you come to it

Xurch responds:

I may avoid the bridge when I come to it.


2007-07-22 22:36:45

I think your right. the new Newgrounds is pretty cool.


2007-07-28 03:36:39

hahahaha! U Pwned rees303.
Dont Ban Me, Im Just Checking Out Your Profile Cus I Was On Toms And Saw He Responded To The Thought Of You Making More Flash With A "Yay", So I Wanted To See What You Had Done.
Pretty Cool Stuff.


2007-07-30 01:11:26

lol, i cant remember, in a response to news on frotnpage or a comment you left on his profile, you said something about being inspired to do mroe flash, and he replied with "yay". sorry i dont remember exactly were.


2007-10-15 19:35:24

JULY? update now.


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